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We are Divine beings pretending that we are Humans. Now as Humans we are pretending we have all of these various problems. Problems we created as a Spiritual challenge to find the value of each one of them. When (and if) we do, we create more light in our auras, our world,our universe and we help to inspire others to do the same. Every time we choose to transform negative into positive, we feel good.good idea,

Growing up

As long as we accept others opinions as judgment we remain victims to their opinions. We give them the power to be judgmental which means we use them to feel they are right and we are questionable. Talk about mental masturbation, we can’t be wrong, different absolutely, wrong impossible, existence does not make wrong. The purpose of experience is to help us to judge how to do better next time. Stop comparing, we are always doing the best we can, we can always do better the choice is always up to us. Be grateful for the opportunity to improve what we do to what we can do better. That’s the game of life, self awareness and the wisdom of experience that produces response-ability. Have fun growing and evolving.


Our attitude is what changes the most in our life. As we grow in awareness and wisdom through our experiences, we adjust our attitude accordingly. We now have different values, we see through different eyes., we change our focus. As we change our focus to being grateful for the gifts of experience we attract more interesting events and become aware of more creative solutions. Change your attitude change your life.

Push comes to Shove

This parable is referring to your struggles that seem useless:

There once was a man who had a huge desire to please God, so he prayed day and night until one day a Voice spoke to him, “I want you to go and push a rock.”
The man woke up the next morning elated, and ran outside to find a huge boulder. He began pushing it, but nothing happened, so he kept at it all day. The next day he did the same, yet it still didn’t budge an inch. He went on like that for three months, until one day he got so frustrated that he stopped pushing.
That night he had a dream, and the Voice asked him, “Why did you stop pushing?” “Nothing happened,” he answered. “Nothing happened? Look at you! Look how determined and focused you’ve become. Look how powerful your muscles are now. You’re no longer the person you were when you started.
Besides, I didn’t tell you to move the rock; I told you to push it. I’ll move the rock when it’s time.”
Keep pushing your rock. It’ll move at the right moment, in the perfect time, when you least expect it. And amazing things are happening, even if you’re not noticing them yet.
Yehuda Berg


The first step in in conscious awareness is to stop pretending that we are victims to anything. We then become interested in the value, the purpose, the win available in every experience. We become wiser and stronger from our daily encounters instead of resistant to and angry because of our experiences. Life becomes interesting and rewarding instead of a resentful struggle. So look for the win its there and be grateful for your ability to cope. Start enjoying the game of awareness.

Live in your heart

All negativity is in our mind, doubts,fears,limitations, confusion. The magic is in our hearts, trust,faith, acceptance, gratitude, appreciation, love. Which place do you choose to hang out in? Remember we have free will the choice is always ours. The easy way to get into your heart under stress is “I don’t do that any more! I want to feel good!” Just do it.


A tough to accept but extremely valuable understanding is that all of our experiences are opportunities to grow in awareness and to increase our power. We never receive experiences that aren’t good for our growth and we never have experiences we can’t handle. There is a solution for all problems we just need to look for them, solutions are creative challenges. So chose to be confident and optimistic and do it.

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