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Our programme isn’t affected by the outside world and the people outside of us ever, its effected by the way we feel about the problem. Stuff happens all of the time to give us an opportunity to learn how to deal with the problems and the people and we react like victims. We are only victims to how we see all of that, change your focus from victim to understanding the situation as a spiritual challenge that you can master and you’ll change your life. Obstetrical’s are gifts of love from existence to help us grow in awareness and power. We never have problems only challenges. The approach is trust in your ability to transform anything with a different focus and a creative answer. Find the value, all problems have built in answers look for them and you’ll find them.

Mind games

We are our biggest enemy! We become exposed to and get the idea that all we have to do is change our focus our intention to something more positive and we will change our life AND WE DON”T DO IT! We are procrastinators. We say continuously Yeah but! over and over again, we sound like motor boats, but,but,but. Are we stupid or what? Our programmed mind keeps telling we are victims and we agree. Who’s mind is it?


The definition of ‘Religion’ is away of life. What is your religion? Is it constant complaining, feeling like a victim, shame and blame, dis-satisfaction of some kind? Or is it being grateful for the ability to solve the trials and tribulations of your daily life growing in power and awareness from your efforts? Which one feels the best? Even No choice is a choice. I choose to feel good, and I do. What do you do?


Lets appreciate our uniqueness. There isn’t another person in this world like the one that we have created. We spend so much time trying to be like someone else, trying to copy, dress like, think like, be like, change ourselves into something else. How silly we are what we wanted to be so we could learn what being us could teach us. Self denial is the essential problem for most of us, we miss the point, we are, self awareness, understanding the value of what we created, discovering the beauty of the game of life and our involvement is the spiritual challenge. We came here to be the person we are and enjoy the journey, transform the obstacles, love ourselves and be grateful that we have love to share. There is nothing wrong with us, existence doesn’t make wrong. So lets stop being stupid and be what we are, UNIQUE, WOW!


Change is the basic truth of our existence,Constantly and, change is occurring to improve the quality of effort. There is always movement towards perfection or towards more conscious awareness. Cause and effect is gift of existence to enable us to see the results of our actions and inspire positive change by judging what we can do next time to achieve more of what we want and let go of what we don’t want.Let the changes continue. Just do it.


The thought that I am different from you never enters my head. It is your thinking that makes us different or separate. We really are the same, the way we think is the only difference. I’m thinking with thoughts in order to know.To find the essential value in all of my daily experiences, to learn from today’s experiences how to choose a better tomorrow.

Creative and fun

This is fun and creative, check it out, thanks Edward Craig
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