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Tıme to clean up

Today begins a seven-week period that helps cleanse the seven basic emotions making up the human experience. It’s a great secret for creating true freedom and change in our lives.This week is about love.Love is the most powerful tool for creating change, but the hardest to use, as you can tell from looking around you.
How open – or closed – is your heart today? Be vulnerable. Let people in. And let yourself out.
Yehuda Berg

Spitual work

Our spiritual work is the real work. It must be regarded at least as important as our day-to-day responsibilities, as important as the work that pays the bills – because it’s what makes the difference in every area of our lives.
Working on ourselves is precisely what brings the prosperity, the health, the love and the success, in abundance. Today, work on you, and the rest of your life will reap the rewards.
Yehuda Berg

Planting seeds

It’s like everyone’s given seeds that are capable of growing into the garden of their dreams, but no one’s been told they even have them. Then, when they see their neighbor’s garden growing, whether it’s because their neighbor actually found their seeds or accidentally spilled them, there’s a rush to see what’s happening. In fact, whole industries are built around the buying, selling, and trading of other people’s gardens. Agents are hired, sales teams assembled, and sometimes stocks and bonds are issued. Vendors compete, lawyers are hired, and accountants are sued. There are mergers and acquisitions, buyouts and takeovers, and of course 401k’s, company picnics, and vacation days. There are seeds that grow into private gardens. Seeds that grow into best sellers. And seeds that grow into happy families.
It’s quite a riot, and often good fun, but Warren, would you believe that one of the biggest impediments one has to discovering their own seeds, these days, is their fascination with the gardens of others?
The Universe

Now is the time

What’s time? Distance between cause and effect. Separation between action and reaction. Space between behavior and consequence. And all of this is your opportunity to correct.Today, when you feel time standing still, consider it a blessing because it means there’s a chance for you to change.
Yehuda Berg


Enlightenment is a state ofrelaxed awareness;an inner state transcending identities of faith, nationality or gender and beyond outer behaviour. Allspiritual practices like yoga and meditation facilitate the journey. We are a part of consciousness becoming ‘Self Conscious’ which means becoming Conscious of what we were to begin with.


Certainty doesn’t mean we get what we want. It means we get what we need. It means having certainty our action is what is important and not the results. It means accepting responsibility for rotten seeds we’ve planted at some time in our past. In what ways do you blame others for what happens to you? How can you increase your certainty today by accepting total responsibility?
Yehuda Berg

What we need to do.

The future is going to be full of major changes, its up to us what that will mean. Its of great importance for us to respond to these events with positive intention. The way we feel about these changes will affect the severity of the changes. We can look for positive results and help that to manifest or we can identify negatively and increase the posibility of doom and despair. Its really up to us to be creative on the positive side or to feel victimized with doubts and fears. The strongest change of energy in the history of our planet will be completed Dec.21 2012, the end of two eras one of a 26,000 year cycle and the end of a 5125 year cycle as well as being at the equater of the Milkey Way, an increadible energy surge. How we deal with it is in question. So lets start practicing now by looking for the positive purpose of everything, seeing from our heart instead of our mind. There is a ‘Win’ in everything lets practice finding it.

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