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Appreciate yourself

I’m off to Germany to teach classes, then Turkey. I’ll post along the way. I’m back in Pune May 3. today’s inspiration: Start your day by looking in the mirror and saying ” I love you. you beautiful, sexy person, were going to have a great day being positive and learning from our experiences and being Grateful for life.”

Love ’em all.

What do you do with a difficult child? Give them more love. It’s the same with adults. Acting out is a cry for help and acceptance. We have limited acceptance from ourselves so we look for it from others. Today, assume challenging people are really asking for more care. Sacrifice your pride and give it to them. Remember existence doesn’t make mistakes, they are just lost in self doubt.
Yehuda Berg and me.

Being a help

If you feel like helping someone be aware that you are responsible for what you tell them and how they understand what you said and how they use it. So what can we do that will benefit us and them regardless of the circumstances? Be positive and look for the positive Value (lesson) contained in the situation, its always there and its focus of awareness is relative to the individual. Existence does not punish!

A beter world

Everyone wants to change the way world is.
Everyone wants to see the world happy.
But few realize that, to make this world a better place,
You have to change yourself – your heart; and not the world.
The trick is to change the world “One Brain at a Time’
Set a good example, decide to be positive.


Doubt is a drug dealer, standing on the corners of our mind, waiting to enslave you. Most of us are loyal customers with serious habits. Get sober today. Chase your negative thoughts away with affirmative ones. I can…I trust…I am…. Old habits die hard, so keep repeating, or writing them. When you’re no longer buying, they’ll be no more dealing.
Yehuda Berg


Healing is a choice. It’s not an easy one, because it takes work to turn around your habits, but keep making the choice and shifts will happen.
Today, connect with your intention to heal. The more you choose activities and people that support your forward movement, the stronger that part of you will become.
Yehuda Berg

Risk success

Its important to give ourselves permission to risk success, to do those things that we resist. We can’t do wrong, the worst we can do is silly and stupid and they are our best teachers. Until we have an experience we have nothing to judge how to be more conscious of ourself and achieve more awareness. We are never attracted to anything that isn’t valuable to our growth. What does experience show us? Either we liked it or we didn’t, now its a choice, will we repeat it or not? and if we choose to repeat it, will we do it the same way or do it differently? Either way we are now stronger and wiser than we were before. Good for us!

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