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Count your blessings

It’s not as if one day you’ll just look down, Warren, and discover that you’re on the yellow brick road, living the life of your dreams. But that one day you’ll look back and discover you always have been.

Talk about ‘heart’ –
The Universe

All things are Spirit

If we really think about it everything we have that’s good in our lives came from the Creator. After all, is there any other way it could come to us? When gratitude is in our consciousness we expand the opening for more abundance to fill our lives. Everyone, no matter how challenged, has many things to be grateful for. Make a gratitude list today and see how life changes. Yehuda Berg

Awareness continued

When we get tired and bored looking for the “one” who has the answers we think we need to feel good about ourselves, we take all of that energy inside and ask for our own solutions to Self Consciousness and the answers come in response to our intention. Understanding what we have created and finding the value of it is our own unique Spiritual Path. Don’t be impatient, be persevering. Just keep your focus on ‘Self Awareness’ When doubts appear say “I don’t do that any more, I want to feel good.” Its time to doubt our doubts.


Thanksgiving is a special day to remind us that we can give thanks daily for the inner urge that keeps encouraging us to understand the power we have to choose to be a positive addition to the spiritual advancement on Earth. Every time we say “I don’t do that anymore ( to anything negative that comes to mind) I want to feel good” We are being the conscious ‘Light Soldiers’ we came here to be.
Happy Thanksgiving

Waiting for your interest

Not ever, not once not since time began has there been someone who’s actually made the kind of choices you’ve consistently made, year after year, your whole life long, in spite of fleeting fears, lingering doubts and moments of despair. Yet now, for the countless multitudes waiting on the sidelines for their turn, there’s a path, an example to follow, and a light to show them the way. The Universe

Go for it

Your capacity to experience emotions and passions and longings is one of
your most precious endowments. You may not exult in the waves of anger
or jealousy that sometimes ripple through you, but you’re glad you have
the power to feel them. Your yearning for an impossible dream may feel
shattering, but you relish being able to accommodate that much intensity
. . . .Pronea

Waking up

Actually as people progress into possessing a greater spiritual awareness, they finally stop relying so heavily on the tools of intellect, logic, and common sense. A new freedom is then achieved, their assent is accelerated, and a blossoming takes place.

But then later, into ever higher and higher realms of human consciousness, these tools are rediscovered and embraced; used with insight, balance, and care. And, would you believe, new freedoms are found, their acceleration is accelerated, and their blossoms blossom.

Who’d have thunk?
The Universe

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