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The way to go

We went to a corporate demonstration of a “New approach to business” last night. They have the right words but lack the proper approach to achieve what they advocate. I’m looking forward to our training that starts Oct.5th in Pune, India that teaches the way to a better you is you. And its easy for anyone to learn how to take advantage of them selves..

Tune in

There is energy created now that will go beyond the words on the page – that will go beyond the hearing. You can capture it and call it your own within your own body. There is an emotion of love from this side of the veil, pouring itself to you like never before. ~ Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll, The New Beginning ~


OPPORTUNITY; Don’t ever throw away an opportunity because it looks poor on the outside. Look for the synchronicity in all situations. When the one comes to you who you have always doubted would make any kind of difference, pay attention.This is the exact situation that has potential for incredible power. When situations come forward that you have seen come forward over and over again, but usually with no progress, it’s time to try again. This time could be different Oh, healers, are you listening? The ones that seem the least likely to take the vibratory from the energy you pour into them will be the very ones to get off the table and become healers themselves!Make no asumptions! Things are not always as they seem.The practical step is this: Push against the doors, and open them. Do not fear becoming a fool when you take action. Stand up, and stop waiting for God to do something for you. Be a partner, and open the doors with us. ~ Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll, Kryon Book VI

What if?

What if loneliness was simply a feeling of impatience, telepathically sent to you by friends you’ve yet to meet, urging you to go out more, do more, and get involved, so that life’s serendipities could bring you together… Would you still feel alone?

What if illness was just the signal a healthy body sent to urge clarification of your thoughts, feelings, and dreams… Would you still, at times, think of yours as diseased?

What if feelings of uncertainty and confusion were only reminders that you have options, that there’s no hurry, and that everything is as it should be… Would you still feel disadvantaged?

What if mistakes and failures only ever happened when your life was about to get better than it’s ever been before… Would you still call them mistakes and failures?

And what if poverty and lack were simply demonstrations of your manifesting prowess, as “difficult” to acquire as wealth and abundance… Would they still cause you to feel powerless?

Well, whatever you feel I still consider you my only begotten, my champion, and my equal.

Are we close, or what?
The Universe


Sometimes it just sneaks up on you doesn’t it? You don’t even see it coming. Suddenly and without warning, you’re surrounded by the best friends you’ve ever known. You’re waking up in the mornings just “dying” to get into the day. There’s a lightness in your step and a gleam in your eye. Your thinking is new, your laughter frequent, and you’re drawn to tears whenever you hear happy tales. You’re on a roll, so it’s not like you’re thinking about it, but if you were to think about it, you wouldn’t know what’s gotten into you, nor would you recall just when. You’d only shake your head whenever you thought of how quickly everything can change…

Experience is the teacher

Wisdom is not just thinking intelligently. More than just bring effective in daily life, it means we can choose our values and basic priorities well and we live by them.It means we can fail, but learn from our mistakes. It means we take responsibility for the intended as well as the unintended consequences of our actions. The purpose of experience is to use experience to judge what we will do differently next time. Life is an opportunity to improve our choices in a positive manner.

Be aware

You know those people, Warren, you sometimes feel you’re waiting for? I mean new friends and connections, agents and directors, customers and clients, publishers and producers, dear hearts and darlings. Well, they’re actually just waiting for you… to make some serious room for them in your life.

Do stuff, Warren, little stuff, lots of stuff, prepare the way… and don’t even think of stopping until you’re dining with them at The Ritz.
The Universe
When you’re using the tools but not seeing the miracles, it may be that you aren’t setting intentions. Intent is what determines where the energy will go. Without it, the energy gets scattered. This applies to everything.
Yehuda Berg

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