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The eternal God is incapable of wrath and anger…These sentiments are mean and despicable; they are hardly worthy of being called human, much less divine; and such attitudes are utterly foreign to the perfect nature and gracious character of the Universal Father. There is no such thing as ‘Bad Karma’ God doesn’t punish!

Do something

Lost time doesn’t return. What we fail to do today is lost forever. This can be a great motivator because it gets us to act.
Today, make a decision. Jump into something unknown. Take a chance. This life goes by too fast.
Yehuda Berg
Its time to risk success, just do it.Until you do something you can’t learn how to improve. Judging how to improve …is the purpose of experience. Doc

Let go, let come

Don’t be too attached to the person you are today. The person you are now is just guiding you to the steps you need to take to find out who you really are, and are truly meant to be.
Today, when life brings you those successes, big or small, don’t put your feet on the table and relax. Know that you’ve just hit a milestone, and there are countless miles ahead. Yehuda Berg

Its mine

We think we own things, like cars, ipads, stocks and bonds. This ownership overflows into our jobs, our responsibilities, and oftentimes our relationships. How many of us have uttered the words, you belong to me, or, I’m yours?
We own nothing. Anything that can be lost tomorrow doesn’t belong to us.
Loosen your grip today.
Yehuda Berg

Look for the good

Judgment is a relative thing. You don’t judge a child for doing something wrong when they don’t know any better. You judge someone who you think should know better. You judge others and yourself based on the relativity of what you perceive to be fair.

What’s really fair?

Today, when the tendency to judge is great, take down the measuring stick and look inside rather than out.
Yehuda Berg


It’s a trap to compare ourselves to others to determine where we should be at in our life. Instead of asking, “Am I as wise/good/smart/strong/fat/thin/rich as he is,” we can ask, “Am I as wise/good/smart/strong/healthy/rich as I can be?”
Today, remove the hooks from the people around you. Stop comparing, measuring and assessing your value based upon what you perceive others’ to be. Yehuda Berg


The most important function that we value the least is ‘INTENTION’ a perfect example is “We see what we are looking for” When we see things we like, things that are good, in ourselves and others. its because thats what we were looking for. The same goes for the things we see that we don’t like. Who’s looking? Change your intention, change your focus. Look for and  find the good. Remember Its your Movie.

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