Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Who’s in charge

We are comprised of two facets: the spiritual and the physical. The spiritual is my soul. The physical is my body, my ego, my intellect, and anything that comes with it. They cannot share power. At any given moment, one is in charge. At any given moment, one is being fed.
When I’m uncomfortable outside my box, my soul rejoices. It gets closer to its source. Closer to its purpose.
Inside this spiritual truth lies a great secret to gaining greater control in our lives. The discomfort is inevitable. But when we initiate it, it’s on our terms, and by choosing it, we connect to even greater Light than if the discomfort simply befalls us.
Today, be honest and come up with a list of what‘s uncomfortable for you. The stuff that makes you cringe, shirk, turn red – chase those things. The more you find yourself outside of your comfort zone, the more you’ll find freedom from limitations of the physical world.
Yehuda Berg

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