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Self trust

Stand up for what you know in your heart is right, even if it rocks the boat a bit. That’s one thing you’ll never be able to avoid in your transformation – truth.
Today, even in the most practical matters, come from that voice-cracking, “I can’t believe I’m sharing this” place. Creating an internal revolution is how you see results.

Your external mirror

Tuesday, May 11

Everything you see in others is a reflection of your own ego. When you see something in someone else that especially bothers you, what you’re really seeing is your own hidden faults being reflected back at you.

What’s more, the reason you see it when you do is because it’s the ideal time to bring the ego down!

Today, when someone gets under your skin, know you’re being given a key.

Your work is to find the grain of truth in what you see. If you look for it you’ll find it.


Knocking down someone else makes us feel better about ourselves. Hearing about someone else’s problems makes us feel better about our own situations.
The problem is, gossip hurts us, not the person being spoken about.
Today, resist the desire to trash talk and speak bad about others! When someone is going on and on about someone, terminate the conversation or change the subject. This will reveal tremendous Light, which will truly help with your problems.

Tantra Message

From Arbind Sinha

Subject: Tantra Message
Tantra has nothing to do with exotic delights. It is just a very naive approach that Tantra has something to do with pleasures of sexuality. Would be if you perform Yoga only for having a flat belly.
Tantra is a Sanskrit word . The root means “extended, broad”. In this terms we use it as extended knowledge, overall knowledge. Experience of you inner being, experience with your self ( in Hinduism) or the selflessness (in Buddhism). You can experience the centers of activity within your body – on a higher level in connection with the power from earth and the power from Universe.We all are Manifestations of this Energy and all the objects that surround us are just the same energy in ever changing manifestations.
Also to learn about tantra one should be on a high stage of mental cultivation ….

Doubt your doubts

When you are suffocating from your doubts, fears and frustrations, sometimes saying some kind words to yourself, or receiving them from a friend, is all it takes to burst the bad bubble.
Today, offer sweet reassurances to the people you come across. Everyone needs some oxygen these days! The new age mantra “I don’t do that any more! I want to feel good!” is so simple and so effective
we just need to use it to see the rewards. Our programed belief system keeps saying ” It can’t be that simple” Yes it is, just do it repetitively and see the difference in the way you feel. Choosing to ‘Feel Good’ is always a winner, just do it!

The game continues

We all go through dark moments when we wish we had someone else’s life.
The way to shed light on these difficult moments is to accept yourself and your life fully as it is; this is where you have placed you. Recognizing the value of our chosen life obstacles is he challenge.
Today, understand that everything you are is part of a perfect plan. The life you have is exactly the life you need. We never choose anything we didn’t want to experience and we never choose anything we can’t do. Our life is our Spiritual challenge. its our movie.

Life’s lessons

At the end of the day, the key to happiness is taking ultimate responsibility for your reactions to all of your experiences – the good and the chaotic. Whatever enters into your life is something you have to fully own. Look for the value of the experience.
Even if an event in your life doesn’t make sense in the context of this life experience, you have to accept that it’s a lesson you need to learn from. It may even be a lesson held over from a previous incarnation. Karma is just an other opportunity to develop more conscious awareness.
Today, remember that fully understanding and accepting responsibility is the only way to find your true happiness, fulfillment, and your purpose on this journey.

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