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Our Attitude Defines Life
Life is Best for those who want to Live it,
Life is Difficult for those who want to Analyze it,
Life is worst for those who want to Criticize it,
Our Attitude Defines Life…

Enjoy Your Life,
Laugh so Hard That even Sorrow Smiles at You,
Live Life so Well That even Death Loves to see you Alive,
Fight so Hard That even Fate accepts it’s Defeat!


Technology is not only about gadgetry but about arranging our lives in a way that the survival process is handled effortlessly and there is time and space to explore other aspects and dimensions – Therefore, invest time and resources to build infrastructure for deeper exploration of yourself. That is where ultimate well-being is, and ultimate liberation. Choosing to think positive will create solutions. Change your focus, change your life.

You are beautiful

If we spent as much time understanding what we have created as a being, instead of trying to make us into something we think we need to be, we could discover the beauty of the true reality of ourselves that has always been waiting for our awareness. When we decide to see our beauty we can see the beauty in everything. Why wait you are beautiful, just see it. Drop all judgment, it belongs to someone else anyway, Existence doesn’t judge, why do you?

Be a Mystic

There are only two kinds of people in the world – mystics and mistakes. If you are seeing life just the way it is, you are a mystic in the world’s eyes. If there are big errors in your perception, you are a mistake considering yourself to be normal.
This may sound insensitive, but if you genuinely want to know, the sooner you do away with all the nonsense in you, the better it is.
If your perception is changing at different times of your life, clearly what you did yesterday or how you saw life yesterday was a mistake. What you are doing now seems to be the right thing to you, but this can change anytime. What you do today may seem like a mistake tomorrow, and what you will do tomorrow might seem to be the right thing. So, there is a mistake in the way we perceive life. When this gets corrected, people think you are a mystic because you are beginning to perceive life in a way that you cannot fit in logic; it is way beyond logic. Logic is just a small part of your life – you can never fit life into it. You can fit logic into your life but never life into logic.
If your experience of life transcends the limitations of sense perception, you are known as a mystic. You experience life in a way that others do not know; you make things happen in a way that they cannot understand, so they call you a mystic – they are admitting that they are mistakes.
There is nothing wrong in being a mistake, but not realizing the mistake is the biggest mistake. When you were in the womb, you had eyes, but could not see. You had ears, but probably could not hear – else you would know how it was inside.

Its there if you look for it

Under the current system everyone eventually discovers truth… either through manifesting so much chaos they’re forced to ask the hard questions, or through just plain asking the hard questions from the get-go. There is positive value in everything, you just have to look for it.

Just do it

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
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Release any expectations you may have of how you think your dreams will come true but by all means, with every fiber of your being, expect that they will, as you busy yourself enjoying who and where you already are.

Be creative

Fear and uncertainty are staples of daily life in today’s struggling economy. As bad as things can be, economic downturns also lead to new opportunities. It’s easy to worry, give up and let fear paralyze you. However, you have more control than you think you do and how you handle adversity is your choice – and the only choice that matters. In fact, study history and you’ll find that a lot of people and organizations made a name for themselves and grew their businesses during recessions and downturns. These successful people and organizations all shared similar characteristics and took similar actions to thrive while others merely tried to survive. You can do the same.

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