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Life changes

We are such creatures of habit. We repeat things over and over and then wonder why there is little change in our lives. We look for the problems that keep appearing in our daily existence and sure enough there they are. By changing what we look for we change what we find. The real problem is our ‘Focus’ what we look for we find. Change your focus change your life. Existence doesn’t make negativity, there is a win, value in everything. All we need to do find it, is to look for it. Its there I know, I find it, so can you.

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“Now in the new energy, as you take the essence which is ‘yourself,’ and combine your duality from where it is currently stored and transfer it to your own physical person, you actually ‘pull’ at the grid system. The energy of your own essence, which is your higher self, is represented as liquid light flowing into your humanness as you take your power – as permission is granted for you to do so – and you pull on the energy of the grid system. Is this such a surprise that I am here to assist this process? This is a difficult concept for you, to believe that there is actually part of you that is not inside you – but it is so. The more enlightenment you allow yourself to have and create for yourself, the more you draw from the grid.”

~Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll, Book II~

By Accident

You might feel that you are here in this place by accident, and that someday you will be able to escape the anxiety of the unknown ground movement. Did you ever think perhaps it’s the opposite – that your presence here is what we call “the work?” There are lightworkers who have been moved through synchronicity and through love to sit right in these shaking spots! Here’s what’s going on, dear ones: When we talk about the physical earth – when we talk about the thing that is feared more than anything else by Humans (that of being crushed by a boulder or a rock in the middle of the night, or to have the Earth shake in such a way that the family is threatened – or to have volcanic explosions in the mountains), I’m here to give you a revelation about it. And here it is: Just a room-full of people vibrating at a high level, which you call the ascension status, having given intent, can change what happens in your area. It can change something profound with potential into something small, just by the intent of the consciousness – because Gaia will respond. Gaia will respond! Gaia is part of you – like the heartbeat is part of you.

~Kryon as channelled by Lee Carroll, Book VII~


What if we are all perfectly imperfect? What if we choose our unique imperfections purposely to be part of our awarebess game? If that is so then we have nothing to perfect, only something to understand. And once I understand what my perfectly imperect condition can teach me I will be grateful for for the inspiration my perfectly imperfect condition has taught me. I Am that I Am.

Life Enhancement

We generally see being creative as producing something special or unique, an original expression of some kind. What we ignore or over look is the understanding and responsibility for what we create every time we, Think. Speak and Feel! When we do those things we are literally creating our tomorrow. Cause and Effect of our actions yesterday, manifests as today to show us what we did yesterday. Existence does not punish it just supports what we do (yesterday)and then shows us what we did by giving it back to us today. Cause and Effect is our best teacher, it doesn’t judge it doesn’t punish it just supports our possibility to learn how to improve or do something different next time, in case we are ready to be responsible for improving our life.


ts amazing how little awareness we choose to give to the law of Cause and Effect!. We identify with thoughts of doom and disaster, play carelessly with doubts and fears, spend lots of energy on remembering yesterdays so call ed disasters and fears and doubts about tomorrow’s possible calamities and then wonder why we are not happy and joyful? Its called Cause and Effect!, Wake up change your focus. Plan for a miracle.

Wake up call.

When fear turns to love, when we forgive those we’re prejudice of. When all selfish love and jealousy ends, hypocrasy leaves and courage begins. When selfishness takes a generous turn, and greed is snuffed out that kindness may burn. When worry is killed that hope may survive, when envy takes wings then we come alive.
When vanity stops and ambition starts. when anger is stilled and patience imparts. When we make a point to not criticize and sympathy dwells deep down in our eyes, we come alive.

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