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Most of us spend a lot of time and energy comparing and judging what what we do and what others do. Our lives are full of what should and shouldn’t be done. We don’t realize that all of us are always doing the best we can, at the time of any function, we are all doing our very best, if we could have done better we would have. Every experience that we have enables us to do better or different next time. This is an essential function of our life. using our experiences to judge how to improve what we chose to do next time. When we learn to stop judging ourselves as to why we all act the way we did, then we will stop judging anyone or anything. When we accept that we’re  O.K. then we’ll accept that everything is O.K. then our idea of victim-hood is over, and our life begins consciously.

Life Positive

As long as I felt negative about my life and the daily struggles in it, they kept returning. I was trapped in my belief system about being a victim in this troubled world and sure enough I was. When I finally understood about cause and effect I realized that I was creating tomorrow by the way acted today! When I took responsibility for today and how I was reacting emotionally instead of choosing to respond consciously my life changed in a dramatic way. Solutions came into my consciousness instead of excuses. The more aware I became of how I was responding instead of reacting, the more my life improved. I was becoming self conscious of my old habits and choosing to act in a positive manner instead. I started to see the value in the same old things and enjoy my new approach to my life. I had just changed my focus from OH NO! to Yes, Yes, Yes! Boy am I glad I did.

Self esteem

It seems to me that very few people really believe in their full potential. I talk to different people daily and even the very successful ones, in their lives or occupations or various endeavors, have considerable doubts and fears that they may or may not wish to disclose. They carry a list, of things or abilities or accomplishments that they are insecure about. Deep inside they have some kind of self doubt about their existence. This is a normal life opportunity for all of us. WE chose to be born so we could learn from our choices. We wanted our life challenges as a spiritual challenge, and we love a spiritual challenge. We wanted something to transform and that something is our self esteem. Trust and faith are the powers we have to assist us in our self awareness journey. We can’t be a victim in this life, or unable to cope with our chosen path of conscious awareness.That would be a form of punishment, and existence does not punish. All karma is an opportunity to learn something we didn’t learn the last time we were exposed to a difficulty. Once understood and accepted karma has fulfilled its purpose and we are free of the necessity of a return engagement. Life is a wonderful game when we choose to become self conscious. Remember energy follows intention, change your focus, change your life.

Finding our inner beauty

What we look for we find. A long as we think we are lacking in personal worth and accepted expectations, we will look for outer proof of our doubts and fears. If and when we decide to look for and find our intrinsic value and positive self worth, we will find that. When we are O.K. then so is everything else. Until then we subconsciously continue to prove in our own way that in order to be acceptable, we need to find acceptance from others. Self acceptance as is, is the spiritual purpose of this journey. Our life really begins when we realize and accept that we are is exactly what we wanted to be and look for the good in our creation. Its there we just need to understand its purpose and use it consciously. Remember its our movie and we created it on purpose to play with.

Time to be nice to you

We don’t pay much attention to how we are treating ourselves. We unconsciously react to life’s daily challenges in the same way we always have, from our belief system, and feel like a victim to circumstances. The stress involved causes our bodies to react in a holistic manner creating a change in our body’s chemicalization. Our health physically, mentally and emotionally is influenced in a way that creates a negative influence on all of our functions. On the other hand when we make positive choices of response to the same circumstances the body’s response is a strengthened immune system and a feeling of well being. Response is always a choice and reaction is always a subconscious repetition of our childhood survival belief system. Mind before action is an effective way to change old self destructive habits into positive life support. Be nice to your self choose to respond to your life’s challenges, it helps you stay healthy and it feels great.

Doubts and fears

We all start out in this world feeling that we are a victim, to our parents, siblings if we have any, our environment. We then create our doubts and fears as a survival process in relationship with the outer world. These self created reactions become computer programs in our inner computer between our ears. Under stress related circumstances in present time, we search our inner computer for these past created survival techniques and repeat them in present time. These self old programs keep us in a self limiting habit form. The magic is, what we have created we can change and we can reprogram these self limiting habits easily and in a way that frees us from these limitations. In the work that we do in  daily sessions we assist our clients to reprogram them selves. We also train others to be able to the same work. We did it to ourselves. and we can fix it any time we intend to do so with a little professional guidance. Remember with the exception of congenital problems and accidents, there is nothing wrong with any of us. We are  just repeating an old belief system of doubts and fears that we can do something about any time we want to. its up to us its our movie.

Why not?

‘Old habits die hard’ is one of many old sayings most of us have heard from others most of our life. Another one is ‘First you suffer and then you die” Attitudes on this order have been an underlining accepted belief for a lot of us and sub-consciously they affect or thinking. Being a victim to our inner and outter worlds is just an old silly and stupid belief. In reality we are only a victim to our ideas and attitudes. The question is, whose ideas and attitudes are they? The answer is ours of course. We did download them from other people, but who downloaded them, who decided that they were are even might be true. WE did and what we did we can change anytime we decide to do so. In reality it is our movie and we can decide to re-write the script. Denial is a choice and so is acceptance. Free will means choice even no choice is a choice. So lets choose to improve our self awareness and our life. Its up to us Why not? It sure feels good. Just do it.

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