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Free will means choice. This fact is the one we deny and forget on a regular basis. Especially when we accept that there is No Choice, no choice is a choice and one we choose quite often. When we are faced with something we don’t know what we need to do about it, the general reaction is to feel choice-less, what we need to do at that moment isn’t obvious to us so, we revert into victim status and pretend that we are over whelmed by our present reality, we essentially give up our power to cope. We are never exposed to anything that we can’t handle and learn something from the experience that will be benifical to us, make us more conscious and stronger. We just need to have faith and trust in the oppertunities that existence sends our way. The process at times may be difficult and painful, but always valuable and rewarding in the long run. Existence does not punish, there is no such thing as ‘Bad Karma’. Karma essentially means unfinished business, experences that we’ve had and not understood the value of, so it keeps returning to give us another oppertunity to get it. When we do choose to see the value of our experiences and appreciate their inate wisdom, we begin to enjoy the game of life more and more. Once we get it, the beauty of life is an ever expanding reality and we play in our feel good choices.

Time for Change

We are now in an eleven year the interest in spirituality will grow in all of us. The results should be obvious to everyone. Negativity’s purpose is to inspire change, to change the direction of thought from Oh No! to lets do something different and see what happens. Part of life’s purpose is to judge how we can do better next time. We are always doing our best if we could have done better or different, we would have, but we can next time because of what we learned fron the experience, if we are interested in growing from life’s gifts of experience. Every experience is a gift of love from God or existence or what ever you wish to call it, a chance to learn from experience how to improve and do better next time. Spending any time on why did I act the way I did is wasted energy. Why not use your energy judging how to improve from the experience and give thanks for the oppertunity to become more conscious of what we do. Remember the basic purpose of life is to become ‘Self Conscious’ and the experiences of our lives is or can be the inspiration of positive change within. There is nothing wrong with us existence does not make mistakes or judge, it just supports our intention. Change your intention, change your life, the choice is ours, its time to stop pretending we are victims to life, boring and non-productive, on the positive side that is. Lets choose to ‘Feel Good’.

Hello world!

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I’m excited by the shift of  my blog from 360 and Yahoo profile, to WordPress. Now I can share my share what want to share with more people. To me it �is important for people to be exposed to the idea that� there is more to their life than they may have thought there was. My purpose is to inspire spiritual thought. We all have 100 % power to live and enjoy our existence the question is, are we using our power to be positive �or negative? Trust and faith in ourselves and in the purpose of life is the key to a more enjoyable journey. Our life is a chosen spiritual challenge. We chose to be born so we can learn from our choices,there are no good or bad choices, no right or wrong choices, only chosen opportunities for awareness and growth. Experience is our teacher, it helps us realize our essential power to learn from �adversity, to play with the mystery of the unknown. We are part of existence and existence doesn’t make mistakes. We can’t be wrong, existence doesn’t judge, we can’t do wrong, and existence doesn’t nish, there is no such thing as “Bad Karma” We have free will as our birth right, cause and effect teaches us to judge how to do better next time. That’s the game of live, self awareness and self improvement, because we choose to do so, not to suffer and punish ourselves for our life lessons. Its time to lighten up and overcome our inner darkness. Its time to choose to feel Good about this life we chose to play in. Have fun being alive, it can be a very interesting journey. Its up to you what do you really want?

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